How to perform an on-page SEO audit

Sometimes it’d be hard to start and finish an on-page SEO audit of an internet site to actually find errors which will hurt a site from an SEO perspective. during this article, i would like to point out you that an SEO audit doesn’t need to be complicated in the least . I’ll walk you thru six quick steps on the way to quickly check out the page through the eyes of both visitors and search engines, and the way to simply complete the audit with four free tools.

Before you begin an audit, i like to recommend choosing a minimum of three different pages of your site. If you check just one single page, you would possibly miss many errors on your site. Select pages that you simply think are important in terms of both content and traffic. i like to recommend going with the category page, product page or a blog post. you ought to check these pages for the primary three steps of the audit process mentioned above. If you discover a drag with one-page type, it’s likely that the matter occurs across the whole site.

If your site has been hit by a penalty from Google, you’d probably suspect it already. But sometimes it can happen that you simply don’t realize penalization because you didn’t notice any large drop by organic traffic. That’s why i like to recommend that you simply confirm that Google is totally fine together with your site. But, you’ll check out your page through the eyes of Googlebot, as well, and check for hidden text. Or, on the contrary, you’ll see text that ought to be seen but is hidden by JS. so as to try to to that, you’ll close up CSS and JS with the online Developer tool browser add-on.

Ultimate Guide to SEO Audit (Updated 2020)
If you aim to stimulate organic traffic to your website and develop your search rankings, you need to manage website audits regularly. Performing an SEO Audit of your website is vital for many reasons. First, you can identify problem areas that need improvement and build an action plan to correct them, and second, a proper SEO audit will keep your website up to date with the latest changes in search marketing and on top of the competition.

What is SEO Audit?
Before diving into the details on ways of conducting an SEO audit, it is important to understand the meaning of it and expectations as a result.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit is a process for evaluating the search engine visibility of a website in a couple of ways. While there are different tools and techniques you can manage to audit a website, the best solution is to either perform the audit by following a guide or hire a professional SEO Auditor to perform the work for you.

With the help of a completed SEO audit, you will manually review the website and come up with recommendations of what needs to be improved and what needs to be corrected so that the performance and visibility of the website in search engines are improved.

How To Conduct An SEO Audit

After my research on website audit for SEO and testing different audit tools, I came up with a guideline that covers everything you need to check.

Here are three options in case if you want to audit your web page by yourself.

Do it yourself. There are a number of resources on how to manage a Local SEO audit of your website by yourself from tips of “how to get started,” to operating the world’s greatest Local SEO audit, to even “how to conduct a 45-minute Local SEO audit”. You can easily find even more devices through a simple search.

Although, this alternative won’t cost you any money, consider that it will take a lot of time of yours if you want to do it in the right way. A full website audit for SEO could take your time up to 2 days, and not all of us have that kind of time.

Run some software. Another alternative is to enter your URL and Google Analytics information to a website, which will then operate the audit for you. Many of these are out of money and simple to use, but consider that it may not be as specific to your web page as if a person were to conduct it because it performs the same indicators on all web pages, regardless of their purpose.

Hire a professional. The last option is to hire an expert to manage your audit. This choice will cost you, but if you’re fighting to get the traffic you want, it may be worth it. It’s a good option because you won’t have to spend hours of your time on it, and you’ll get personalized suggestions for improvement.

SEO Audit Checklist For Beginners
Numerous SEO issues could be preventing your website from ranking high on Google. Regardless of how good your SEO content is, any SEO problem can reduce your site’s ranking, incur penalties or worse, Google and other search engines may not see your website and index it.

However, there are ways to solve the problem. The infographic below will give you simple steps on how to audit your SEO. After, follow the guidelines outlined in this guide to have an overall coverage on how to audit your site.


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