Deceit is only a click away. When selecting a critical vendor or contractor, use a professional service. Because, the internet is not enough.

In addition to private investigations and fraud examinations, we offer workplace investigations, due diligence reviews, internal investigations, corporate investigations and vendor due diligence / compliance reviews. Thank you for reading –

Due Diligence

About to consider a partnership? Wish to make a purchase? First, due diligence is a must. Google is not enough. You need a skilled professional looking out for your interests. Next, investment schemes abound. Then, there are those online services. Equally, business transactions demand scrutiny.

Typical scenarios: An “investor” wants to provide you with a large amount of funds. An Instagram ad entices a college student to send money to a bank account. There’s an exclusive opening which guarantees large returns – “there are only a few slots are left.” You’re made an offer to purchase your business. Understand, both the worldly and naïve are prone to becoming a victim. We can balance your internal investigations.

Self-reliance, hope and apathy – often prevents the selection of an outside due diligence firm. It’s important to be informed of risks and threats. The best and brightest get fooled and distress results. Fortunately, we perform not only due diligence for corporate investigations but for individuals as well.


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