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The improvements in technology within the last couple of decades have finally empowered men and ladies to pursue academic diplomas from respected colleges on the web. These people have a spread of reasons why they like this process. Maybe due to their careers or other obligations, many people aren’t ready to find the time to attend campus for courses. Like members of the soldiers, others move from place to put and can’t plan to get to campus. This is often where universities like the CTU Lawsuit enter with their online degrees.

At CTU online, college students get to hitch a vibrant educational community and follow academic diplomas starting from Associate’s and Bachelors to a Master’s program at their very own convenience and with no need of limiting academic quality.

Taking classes within the CTU Lawsuit online university won’t only allow students to pursue their educational desires without affecting any quiet tasks they could have. These online students also get to select the type of learning that works best for them. They will choose their unique pace, and that they also will get to socialize with other online classmates and teachers. This technique can handle virtually all of an equivalent students’ needs that a standard school campus offers.

Students might be encouraged by interacting with other students online and discussing lessons alongside their instructors online. “Attending class” only requires powering up your laptop and wireless connection, and this will be avoided leaving your house or maybe once you are stuck on a 14-hour flight on company business.

Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University includes undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. It mainly specializes in business, technology, and management spheres where one can get many degree programs entirely online. The university has two campuses; in Colorado and Aurora. Just a few years ago, the university looked very promising. The Colorado Technical University class action lawsuit seemed irrelevant. They even ranked in the first place for degree programs for Vets, according to Military Times Magazine, in 2013,2014 and 2016. However, things started to change fastly in the beginning of 2018. Their misrepresentation caused the organization $500 million through canceling student loans.

Hence, if you are also a victim that Colorado Technical University Lawsuit claims, you can get your student loans written off. For this aim, you also need to fit some other eligibility criteria which we will discuss in the later section. If you have less information and expertise in the forgiveness program, Student Loans Resolved is also here to guide you. We ensure the smooth process to cancel your loans; however, we also advise you to be careful next time before taking loans.

Beginning of Colorado Technical University class action lawsuit

As we mentioned before, Colorado Technical University is the subsidiary of Career Education Corporation. CEC is a for-profit provider of higher education. Its most famous two brands are CTU and American Intercontinental University. They serve up to 34000 students in general.

State Attorneys General started the investigation in 2014. They claimed that Career Education Corporation misrepresented its perspectives. In turn, the Career Education refused all claims and assert that they provide quality education. Their alleged main target is closing the gap between student skills and the requirements of employers. However, the Colorado Technical University class action lawsuit is not about the quality of education. It is about the promotion methods that the university uses to attract potential students.


colorado technical university class action lawsuitThere are many reasons why CEC faced a class-action lawsuit. In general, they deceived the students about their credibility. First, these universities misinformed potential students about the rate of job placement and the real cost of getting a degree. Their primary strategy was informing students about the cost per credit hour. Class action lawsuit adds that the corporation made the admission representatives mislead students intentionally. Those representatives claimed that students would be able to transfer some credits. However, they could not. Besides, their deceptive practices also include emotionally pressuring students to enroll. Those students falsely believed that their program is very capable of getting them a well-paid employment opportunity. But many of them lacked sufficient accreditation. In general, the university created an incorrect perception of the benefits of the programs, according to CTU online lawsuit.

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