Brown Sugar Milk Tea Air pocket milk tea has gotten a remarkably

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Air pocket milk tea has gotten a remarkably mainstream across the globe. What was once viewed as a mainstream drink essentially in eastern Asia has seen critical development in Australia, Western Europe, in the United States. While this drink has been around since the 1980s its flood in prominence overall is a genuinely ongoing event. Numerous individuals are as yet inexperienced with what air pocket is or why it has immediately become a mainstream refreshment choice. Air pocket milk tea, otherwise called pearl tea or boba tea, has a tea base blended in with one or the other milk or natural product. There are slushy style variants of tea too. While it was anything but a unique segment, the greater part of this tea will accompany little chewy custard balls or boba. While numerous individuals accept the name bubble comes from the custard pearls, it really comes from the air pockets delivered when the drink is shaken before it is served. Air pocket milk tea was initially made during the 1980s in coffeehouses across Taiwan. One café proprietor added the custard pearls which has now gotten inseparable from bubble milk tea. There are presently many various plans in bistros across the globe. Alongside milk, other mainstream things to place in tea incorporate frozen yogurt, new organic product, syrup, seasoned powders, and either dark or green tea.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea – What You Might Not Have Known

If there is one drink that people can’t seem to get enough of around the world, then it is brown sugar milk tea. Bubble tea, in general, is becoming a worldwide choice for people who want to refresh their taste buds.

If you are no stranger to the boba tea craze, then you might already be familiar with its story. Even if you are not, then here is a quick wrap up. Bubble tea was first invented in Tainan and Taichung area back in the 1980s. It was designed to be a dessert drink that was initially made with a mix of organic tea, sugar syrup, milk, and of course, the famous chewy tapioca pearls. In its early days, the drink was usually consumed hot due to the cultural notion that tea and milk should be served warm. But, nowadays, since the sweet boba tea epidemic has spread across the world like a wildfire, it is more common to see it served cold and with a limitless range of flavors.

More recently, the bubble tea drink has seen lots of new varieties, most of which have taken the world by storm. You might have heard of the cheese tea, which was cold tea that was topped with whipped cheese cream. This flavor mix might not be a favorite of some people, but whatever it was, it became a world phenomenon. The phenomenon of recent years is brown sugar milk tea. This drink is a mix of brown sugar caramel, fresh cold milk, and tapioca pearls. Down below are some things you might not have known about this now famous bubble tea drink. Let’s get sipping!

Brown sugar milk tea came from Taiwan

This one might not have been a surprise for lots of people. As you might already know, Taiwan is the birthplace of Bubble tea. This makes it only natural that brown sugar milk tea originated from Taiwan itself. The drink was first introduced in Taichung, Taiwan. Most tea shops in the area were already serving endless varieties of boba tea. The original goal of brown sugar beverage was to spark the nostalgic flavors of traditional desserts of Taiwan. To be honest, it seems like a better flavor mix than the cheese cream bubble tea. The scrumptious looking caramel tiger stripes that streak inside of the cup became the main reason for the queues that were created in front of bubble tea joints. Some lines were three hours long, depending on how good the joint was.

brown sugar milk tea

After the drink became more common, and other cafes started to adopt the brown sugar milk tea recipe, more places began to offer it. Nowadays, the drink can be found almost everywhere around Taiwan, and Los Angeles. Even some specialty coffee shops are starting to provide these delicious flavors due to their high demand.


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